Start and Stop Poems

During The Summer

During the summer

the hotness creeps in

under the doors and through the windows

no need for the heater

just lots of air conditioning bills

I drink slurpees on the beach

while swimming in the salty air

during the summer.



After the storm

After the storm

you can still hear the windy breeze

creeping up your spine

you wonder how the storm even came

the electricity has gone

and it is dark and cold

after the storm


If I knew better

If I new Better

I would not have been naughty

my friends might like me

I would not have put my Mum’s Lip Stick all over my face

and I might be on the good list

If I knew better



Through the sums

we use our brains

to get more marks

with the answers

our teacher helps us with our learning

so we know how

to do Division

through the sums



In the spelling test

after 20 or so words

I can’t think anymore

the teacher still has

another 40 words

my brain is clogged

I think why do we

have to do this it’s torcha

In the spelling test


Big idea

Before it explodes

we must take cover

with our blankets

we must wait

as long as it takes we must

be patient

Before it explodes


4 thoughts on “Start and Stop Poems

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  2. Hey maddy I love your start and stop poems! You used some amazing vocabulary like I have never seen you do before. You can tell that you put a lot of effort into this. Was it hard to write these? AWESOME JOB KEEP BLOGGING,!

  3. Maddy i love your stop and start poems. I wish i could make start and stop poem as good as you. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  4. Hey Maddy
    i liked how you put loads of vocabulary in this like you can still hear the windy breez creeping up my can tell that you put alot of effort into this. Do you like writing start and stop poems?

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